Following a 100-year-old tradition, KONČAR D&ST itself celebrates 30 years of work and existence. In this company since the very beginning authentic and sincere care for employees has always occupied an important place in all its business and strategic plans, through decades of work.
We are aware that continuous improvement and high motivation, efficient work and employee satisfaction are among the most important factors for the mutual success of the company.
We express our concern for each employee through appropriate and motivating jobs in accordance with the acquired knowledge, experience and skills of each individual.
We encourage employees to further upgrade their personal knowledge and skills in terms of professional and business knowledge such as IT knowledge, foreign languages, acquisition of soft skills. We support and encourage lifelong learning, enable participation in professional meetings and external and internal educational programmes. In particular, we support specialist and postgraduate education.
And in order for the spirit to stay healthy in a healthy body, we support the engagement of our employees in sports activities in their free time. In addition to regular and free recreation, we also have D&ST teams that run, walk or ride a bicycle in various business and humanitarian races, a team of regular players at the now traditional Christmas indoor soccer tournament organized by the KONČAR Group.
We also invite our employees to participate in the KONČAR Volunteer Club, which is an informal club of all KONČAR employees who in their free time perform volunteer activities organized by the KONČAR Group, in accordance with the current needs in various fields.