Through its business operations, KONČAR D&ST contributes to the development of the community through its positive economic effect by ensuring sustainable and stable economic growth and jobs where employees are enabled to work with dignity, while the same positive effect is passed on to all participants in the production, supply and sales chain.

Just as we internally safeguard organizational knowledge and nurture intellectual capital, we are also willing to cooperate with the community at large, gladly sharing our acquired knowledge and good practices.

We exchange knowledge with the professional community and actively cooperate with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB), the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb, the Technical Faculty in Rijeka and various institutes (i.e. the Končar Institute of Electrical Engineering) at professional symposia and seminars on transformers.

We regularly host students and professors from technical schools and faculties, but we do not exclude those from social and natural sciences. We are regularly visited by FER and FSB students from Zagreb, but also from other countries, such as BH, Austria, Germany or a technical school from Cyprus, and we combine theory with practice on the spot, hoping to support development and interest in the technical profession in the students.

As for helping the community, they say that good deeds are done in the silence of the heart, but here we will nevertheless mention that we always strive to be sensitive to the needs of individuals and society outside the business framework. We support humanitarian, educational, cultural, environmental initiatives and sports activities and projects for reconstruction and assistance. In addition to local engagement, we are happy that our activities sometimes cross the borders of Croatia.