KONČAR D&ST medium power transformers are very important components in many electric power distribution and transmission companies around the world. In the last 40 years, we have delivered over 4,000 units with a total capacity of 85,000 MVA to over 110 countries.

KONČAR D&ST offers medium power transformers and auto-transformers up to 160 MVA with a maximum voltage of 170 kV, intended for outdoor and indoor use. We offer our customers complete service: design, production, transport, installation, field testing and commissioning. The materials, equipment and technology we use in the production and testing of transformers include the latest international development trends.

Voltage regulation is performed by regulation tappings with on load tap changer and off load tap changer or by switching below tank cover in off -circuit condition. Transformers are manufactured and tested in accordance with the IEC 60076 standard, and designs according to other international standards are possible.


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