Petar Vlaić

Petar Vlaić , Member of the Management Board

He was born in 1966. He graduated in 1990 from the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, and obtained his master’s degree from the same faculty in 1996, where he defended his master’s thesis titled Hedging Currency Risk. He obtained the Zagreb Stock Exchange certified broker certificate in 1993, and the certified auditor certificate in 1997. He received his PhD in 2020 from the SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, defending his thesis titled Examining the Relationship between Business Model Innovation and Performance: Evidence From Large Croatian Companies.

As a Končar scholarship holder, he joined the company Rade Končar Transformatori in 1989, in the planning and analytical department (controlling), in the finance and accounting sector. After the restructuring of the company Rade Končar Transformatori, and the founding of the company Končar D&ST in March 1991, he has been employed since the establishment of the new company, first as a manager of relations with banks, and then since September 1991 as the financial director. He was appointed a member of the Management Board in 2001. He is a member of the Supervisory Board of the subsidiary PET, Poland.