After thirty years, our black and orange logo is becoming part of our history.

Adding something new and something blue, keeping something old, we present our new logo in blue and orange.
Something old and orange symbolizes our orange colour, which over the years has become an inseparable part of our brand, it has become a promise, something like a personal identity card. Something new and blue represents the continuation of a successful joint future, while blue also symbolizes loyalty and reliability.

As part of the Končar Group, with this modernization of the logo and identity, we have aligned with the rest of the group. With the redesign and a kind of synthesis of the Končar Group’s umbrella logo and the Končar D&ST logo, we have not lost our recognition and strength, but together we will represent new energy for the upcoming period.

In terms of business and ownership, there have been no changes, we are simply continuing on in different colours!

Considering the extent of the changes, they will be implemented gradually.