With great enthusiasm and a little belatedly, we present the first artistic sculpture of the Montenegrin artist Danilo Baletić, created using KONČAR D&ST transformer waste parts.

Namely, the idea created in 2019 was realized only in 2022 for reasons we are all too familiar with. The artistic project was conceived in such a way that the artist Baletić would make an ecologically aware transformers using the waste parts of Končar D&ST transformers on the eve of the entry into force of the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 548/201 (Tier 2) dated 1 July 2021, which requires the delivery of transformers with lower losses, and therefore more ecologically friendly transformers for the environment and the community.

Danilo Baletić, inspired by climate change and the first heavy snowfall in his town, made a gigantic sculpture – a 6m high snow dinosaur. From then on, art became his preoccupation. He made the first sculpture from scrap metal in 2012, on the topic of environmental protection, the transformers “Ramtron”, which was exhibited as part of the environmental festival in the Durmitor national park in Montenegro. Waste has become a place where he continues to create, and his inspiration is man’s attitude towards comfort, consumer mentality and social values. During the following years, he made dozens of sculptures of transformers from scrap metal, ranging in size from 2 to 15 m. The transformers were exhibited in Podgorica, Belgrade, Osijek, Zadar, Zagreb, Milan, Graz and elsewhere.

“For me, all waste has exploitation value,” points out Baletić.

Because of all of the above, the obviously successful artistic connection between Baletić and KONČAR D&ST resulted in the first artistic creation of this established artist in our yard. As the artist himself points out, his transformers created by recycling waste send a message to the entire world that the planet is threatened; they raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment, and they themselves are the “guardians” of the environment in which they are exposed. Our sculpture was created from 1500 kg of waste parts sent to Montenegro. It is 4.3m tall, weighs 800kg and we call it RoboTier-2.

The idea was born in the Distribution Transformer Profit Centre, which is dedicated every day to finding and developing ecologically improved technical solutions due to the proximity of transformer installations in urban areas, and also because of the various applications of transformers themselves in the production of energy from renewable sources.

We believe that this is not the last project of this kind, moreover, that it is only the beginning of future collaborations with Croatian and foreign artists, the beginning of creating a possible art park at our site, which we will thereby enrich, support the artists, and perhaps send some kind of message.