At yesterday’s 17th Convention of Croatian Exporters and the 15th Golden Key awards, Končar D&ST received another Golden Key in the best large exporter category for 2021.
The Golden Key is awarded by the Croatian Exporters for excellence in export. Since 2008, Končar D&ST has received a total of eight Golden Key awards in different categories and one Platinum Key in 2014 as a special award for continuity in export. Končar has indeed always been one of the best performing Croatian companies.
This award, just as those before, is a result of the work and effort put in by Končar D&ST’s workers, the entire management and our closest associates. We would like to congratulate and thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.

Just as the last few years, 2021 has been very challenging. In fact, we still live in very demanding times. Despite very unpredictable conditions, supply chain disruptions, lockdowns and restrictions, we managed to adjust our operations very quickly, and not only maintained our business, but even increased the number of our employees.

Due to good preconditions, the digitalization we have been systematically investing in, as well as investments in development, education and employee motivation, in product and production processes innovation and in production optimization, we have managed to stay competitive, maintain our quality level and business in general.

All things considered, customers will always recognize and reward a company that works like we do. In 2021, we have achieved our best business results ever.

This award serves as an encouragement for our further work and development. For the sake of Croatian economy, next time, the competition will hopefully be similar or even stronger.

The convention included a panel discussion on the topic: Challenges of excellence in export, featuring Vanja Burul, Head of the Management Board of Končar D&ST.