Every student visit makes us happy because we like to share our acquired experiences and knowledge with younger generations and serve as an example of good practice. We are especially happy when we are visited by universities from abroad, like we were this time.

On 18 March 2022, a group of 25 students and professors of undergraduate studies in logistics and industrial management from the Institute of Technology of Cachan, University of Paris, Saclay, visited Končar D&ST, as part of a seven-day study visit to Croatia. Through the Career Centre of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, the students made contact with Croatian manufacturing and logistics companies in order to gain practical knowledge and get to know the business culture during the visit.

With the organizational support of the Human Resources Management Department and the expert guidance of colleague Matija Koprivnjak, medium power transformer designer, and colleague Sandra Sedmak from the Procurement Department, students were introduced to the basic information about Končar D&ST and transformer production processes. Afterwards, during the tour of the plant, they visited workshops and a test station, and were shown and explained on the spot the procedures for cutting and assembling cores, winding, assembling and testing transformers.

The visitors expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation and their gratitude to the host Končar D&ST for organizing this useful and educational experience for future experts.