The Croatian branch of the International Council on Large Electric Systems – HRO CIGRÉ – organised its 15th Session which was held from 7 to 10 November 2021 in Šibenik. This Session is the largest business and professional conference on power engineering in Croatia, and the company Končar D&ST regularly and actively participates in it.
In addition to the usual working part related to the presentation and discussion of 235 peer-reviewed papers, this year’s Session also had historical significance. Exactly one hundred years ago, the international CIGRÉ community was established, with its headquarters in Paris, and the first international conference on power engineering was held. This year we have marked the 70th anniversary of CIGRÉ in Croatia and the 30th anniversary of the independent operation of the HRO CIGRÉ community. In addition to that, we have also marked the 165th birthday anniversary of Nikola Tesla, as well as the 100th anniversary of the operation of the company Končar – Elektroindustrija d.d.
This year’s 15th Session was especially dynamic for the company Končar D&ST. Within the programme framework, the book “Transformers in Theory and Practice” (in Croatian: Transformatori u teoriji i praksi) was presented, among other works. The authors of the aforementioned book are Professor Damir Žarko from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and our colleague, Professor Branimir Ćućić, PhD, the Head of the Product Development Department. This is the first book about transformers published in Croatian after the book written by Professor Dolenc in 1961. This book is primarily intended for technical university students whose field of study includes electromechanical engineering and energetics, but in its scope and content it is also intended for scientists and experts involved in the design, manufacture, diagnostics and application of transformers. The book was presented by its authors (Professor Žarko, Professor Ćućić, PhD) and its reviewers (Professor Maljković, Professor Mikulecky, PhD).

We have participated in the presentation and discussion with two works:
1. “Analysis of Transformer tank stiffeners in regard to noise” (in Croatian: Analiza utjecaja ukruta kotla transformatora na buku) written by its authors: Nikola Škreb, Mislav Ilijašević and Branimir Ćućić.

2. “Introduction of new material in the production of fluid-immersed transformers”(in Croatian: Uvođenje novog materijala u proizvodnju uljnih transformatora)
written by its authors: Marijana Majić Renjo, Ivanka Radić and Branka Jakopović.

We are also pleased to announce the success of our colleagues Ivanka Radić and Branka Jakopović, who have received Special praise for their successful work in the HRO CIGRÉ community. The aforementioned colleagues have actively participated in the operation of the HRO CIGRÉ community ever since 2008. They have also authored and co-authored numerous works in the field of insulating oils and materials published at various conferences: HRO CIGRÉ, HRO CIRED, International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management, CIGRÉ Kosovo, CIGRÉ Slovenija. As authors or co-authors of their published works they share different knowledge, solutions and experiences from the viewpoint of experts who are dedicated to solving problems and challenges which the transformer industry is faced with, in the framework of issues concerning materials, technologies, environmental protection and testing techniques.

Special praise for successful work in the HRO CIGRÉ community was also received by our long-time, now retired, colleague Ivan Sitar, Master in Engineering, due to special dedication and success in the organisation and operation of HRO CIGRÉ professional meetings and for special contribution in promoting the values of the HRO CIGRÉ community.