One gloomy Saturday morning, a great crew, consisting of a group of employees of the company Končar – Distribution and Special Transformers and a group of forest cleaners named Lil Cleaning Bears, gathered around in the Jankomir Forest at the Sava embankment. It is hard to say which group loves working more, the crew from the company Končar or Lil Cleaning Bears, but something that we know for sure is that Lil Cleaning Bears have definitely inspired us. Lil Cleaning Bears are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are doing their work in an almost professional way and who have already performed more than 150 small-scale and big-scale cleaning actions throughout Croatia. They also brought a dog with them, called Sep, who is the most hard-working dog among Lil Cleaning Bears and the snuggliest “lil’ bear” among dogs, and we have arrived with our own backup in the form of the “junior partners” of the company, aged 4 and 6, who willingly searched for yet another piece of garbage which was, unfortunately, not hard to find.

We would rather not describe the garbage and waste that we have found or mention their contents. Even though the photos of the garbage and the bulky waste are not a photogenic sight, we have attached some of them in order to illustrate some of the things that one can find in the Jankomir grove at the Sava embankment near Lučko. We underestimated the will and imagination of people who are ready to make a serious effort and dispose of unimaginable things in the forest. We brought “only” 70 garbage bags with us, but hastily had to go and buy more.
A total of 110 garbage bags and approximately 4 tons of bulky waste was collected and recovered by the local waste management company Čistoća on the same day. Concerning this action, we have mixed feelings: we are modestly joyous that we have managed to complete this task, but also overcome with grief because we had to witness that something like this even exist out in nature.
To end on a brighter note, we hope that we, as the employees of the company Končar D&ST, have manged to contribute to a cleaner environment. This was an astounding experience for us, we have definitely learned something new, passed our knowledge down to the next generation, and maybe even inspired someone else to do the same, because a common good does not belong to an individual, it belongs to all of us, and therefore we should take great care of it.
Končar D&ST + Lil Cleaning Bears = Clean, clean!

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