Our firstborn is out!

Our first printed edition of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report saw the light of day in the jubilee year in which we celebrated 30 years of existence of the company Končar D&ST and 100 years of the Končar Group.
The new company Končar D&ST d.o.o. was established in February 1991, and it completed that business year with an operating income of 12 million USD and 150 employees. In comparison with the result and growth of the company in 2020, which has since grown to 651 employees and generates an operating income exceeding 1 billion HRK, or which, to be more precise, amounts to 1,091 billion HRK, we can say that sustainable and long-term business focused on a sustainable future for all its stakeholders, was the basic assumption and cornerstone of the company Končar D&ST from the very beginning

Back in the early 1990s, the company became aware of the importance of managing business processes in accordance with the ISO standards. Therefore, the company Končar D&ST introduced in 1995 a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. It was verified by the Bureau Veritas certification company. Back in the day in Croatia, certification of quality management systems in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard was a pioneering undertaking, and it was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm. At that time, it was only the sixth ISO 9001 certificate in Croatia and the third certificate of a manufacturing company without a share of foreign ownership.
Through continuous efforts to improve business over the years, we have acquired certificates in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental protection and the ISO 45001 standard (formerly known as the OHSAS 18001 standard) for occupational health and safety. We have also accepted and implemented many other principles of work, such as the Code of Ethics, the internal Code of Business Conduct, transparent and fair procurement policies as well as continuous improvement of personnel policies.
With all of the aforementioned, we want to highlight the fact that the company Končar D&ST has always paid great and systematic attention to the economic prosperity of the company and its stakeholders, the well-being of the wider community and its impact on the environment, even though a publicly available document has not been published up until this point.
This year we were nominated by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for the Golden Marten in the category of the socially responsible business operation and this alone serves as a testament to our work and all of the facts that we have mentioned above. To be ranked among the top three companies is a great incentive for our company to work in an even more committed way and to be dedicated to socially responsible topics.

For more information, browse through our Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report 2020.

Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability 2020
Izvješće o društveno odgovornom poslovanju i održivosti 2020.