We were awarded the Golden Marten (in Croatian: “Zlatna Kuna”) plaque by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – the Zagreb Chamber, in the category of the large company in 2020 for the City of Zagreb.
This is the third time we have received an award from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce – the Zagreb Chamber. We have received the first award a long time ago, in 1998, the second one in 2006, and now, in 2021, for the past year.
We feel equally happy and proud to receive each new award and it additionally motivates and inspires us to search for new opportunities to grow, develop and achieve an even greater level of success.
Nevertheless, let us get back to the present moment and appreciate the feelings of satisfaction and gratitude that come with this acknowledgement for the success that we have achieved.
We would like to thank all of our customers, partners, employees and all of those who have helped us in the accomplishment of this joint endeavour.