Forests are one of the most complex ecosystems in the world, and in Croatia they cover almost half of its land area. Managing such natural forests is a great Croatian privilege and pleasure, but also a challenge and responsibility. Finding a balance in economic development and forest conservation is the main task of the profession, such as Hrvatske šume, as well as entrepreneurs who in addition to taking care of their impact on the environment and the community, can set a concrete example in raising awareness of the need for conservation and protection of forests.
In keeping with these guiding principles, at the end of 2020 we organized a volunteer green action with the message “Končar DIST for green leaves and clean air.” We organized the initiative in cooperation with Hrvatske šume. The campaign was organized with the aim of supporting sustainable forest management; preserving forests facing climate change; forest protection and ecosystem improvement.
DIST volunteers planted 1500 trees of sessile oak (quercus petraea) in the area of the Forest Office Zagreb within the organizational unit Sljeme – Medvedgrad forests, department/section 27j, beneath Medvedgrad.
According to some research, the average tree reduces the share of CO2 by 12 kg per year, annually producing as much oxygen as is needed for a family of four. By transforming the harmful effects of human activities into positive effects, our 1,500 trees, or as we endearingly call them, “green transformers” will absorb approximately 18,000 kg of carbon footprint and produce oxygen for approximately 1,500 families of four.
Until the next DIST green feats, take a look at how it was.