Today, 31 March 2021, marks Ivan Klapan’s last work day as the President of the Board of the company Končar Distribution and Special Transformers Inc. Here are some thoughts he wanted to share with you at the end of his long and successful career:

So, the time has come…

As announced in the Supervisory Board decisions in December 2020, my term of office at the position of Končar D&ST d.d. Management Board President comes to an end as of 31 March 2021.

It was a journey of 30 years, focused on a goal set at the very beginning – being among the European leaders in development, sales, and production of distribution, medium power, and special transformers.

Throughout that long journey, we had a clear goal, which enabled the work to be done with respect and satisfaction even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.
There were many talks, negotiations, and acquaintances which additionally enriched my life.

If our contacts brought mutual satisfaction, we share it together.
If I hurt anyone along the way – it was not with bad intent…

Considering the specific conditions of the current COVID-19 pandemic and as it is not possible for me to bid farewell to many of you in person, a short video has been recorded, which may be accessed via link below.
The video tries to present the essence of our Croatian transformer story from the very beginning, and particularly of the last 30 years in which I, together with all Končar D&ST employees, made effort to contribute to making our vision true. It is also an expression of my belief in the future successful continuation of this great story, with the Board headed by Vanja as its president, and with Martina, Petar, Dominik, and Petar as its members.

I believe that every of my future meetings with you – now relieved from the burden of business interests – will be to our mutual satisfaction.


Ivan Klapan
Loyal fan of Končar D&ST